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17 Things You Should Have Said to Her (But Didn’t)

17 Things You Should Have Said to Her (But Didn’t)

There’s a gut-wrenching feeling of disappointment when you walk away from a girl you were talking to and suddenly inspiration strikes: “I’m an idiot…I should have said such and such…” Below are 17 ideas to help you avoid that feeling of “too late inspiration.”

1. “Let’s Grab A
Drink On Friday.”

You had the opportunity to ask her out, but nerves got in the way. When the opportunity arises, seize the day.

2. “You Look Really
Nice Today.”

You noticed that your coworker put a little extra effort into her hair and makeup. Let her know that you noticed! You’ll stand out from the other guys who were too scared to give her a compliment.

3. “Do You Have
A Boyfriend?”

You’re out with your friends at a restaurant or bar and you’ve been shamelessly flirting with the waitress all night. Find out if she’s single instead of ending the night with the question on the tip of your tongue.

4. “Quit messing with
me, there’s no way you’re single!”

Teasing like this will make her chase YOU just to prove you wrong.


5. “You look like you’re an East/West coast girl. California?”

By guessing the OPPOSITE of where you actually think she’s from, she’ll be playfully affronted at your incorrect assumption and tease you back.

6. “I can’t believe you liked that movie! And I was just starting to like you…”

Letting her know that you like her in a subtle and playful way is a major win.


7. “I know what you’re up to! Don’t think you can seduce me!”

Reversing the typical gender roles (usually the man seducing the woman) shows her that you’re confident. It’s also an effective and funny way to bring up a sexual topic.

8. “(During/after getting her number): “I promise, no dick pics from this guy.”

By acknowledging one of modern dating’s “elephants in the room,” you’ll reassure her that you are NOT a guy who sends dick pics. It also tells her that you have a good sense of humor and are comfortable enough with your sexuality to make light of the “dick pic phenomenon.”

9. “I’m sorry, but I just can’t accept the existence of good Country music.”

Women don’t want to spend time with a guy who nods his head and agrees with everything she says. Playfully disagreeing with her on a silly topic is an easy way to show her you’re a fun guy to be around.

10. “You haven’t heard (pop musicians name) new album!? I’m sorry, but I’m going to need my class ring back now….”

Using pop culture in conversation is always a good idea because it’s something that most women can relate to. You’re also creating an attractively goofy “us vibe” by taking back your non-existent class ring.

11. “I mean, we could play (beer pong, darts, etc.)…but I’d feel bad beating you in front of all these people.”

Women LOVE challenges. You’ll come off as a very attractive man by:

  1. Challenging her to rise to the occasion, and
  2. Having the confidence to believe you will beat her.

12. “What book are you reading right now?” or “What was the last book you read?”

Because reading a book takes time and effort, people become emotionally invested in the books they read. Getting her talking about something she cares about is an easy way to get her emotionally invested in her conversation with YOU.

13. “What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?”

The most difficult thing she’s had to do is probably not something she’s going to be forthcoming about (getting over an ex, the loss of a family member, etc.) However, if you’ve established a fun and flirty vibe, she’ll instead tell you about forgetting to bring an extra pair of socks on her backpacking trip last summer.

This kind of question gets you past the “familiarity barrier” and the interview style of questioning (“Where did you grow up? How many siblings do you have?” etc.)

14. “Haha, you’re right. I am shamelessly hitting on you. Can you blame me?”

Maybe your approach rubbed her the wrong way, or maybe she’s messing with you in order to gauge your reaction. Either way, keep your cool and OWN the situation.

Owning your intentions like this will immediately make you more attractive because you have the confidence to not shy-away form a potentially awkward encounter.

15. “If I can’t guess where you’re from in three tries, our first round of drinks is on me.?”

Tthough most will deny it, women love to play games—especially games in which they’re likely to win! This game is charming, challenging, and demonstrates your confidence. Wins all around.

16. “Dance with me!”

This STATEMENT is 25% a question and 75% an assumption that WILL make her want to dance with you. Making an assumption like this is a bold move and one that she’ll immediately respect you for.

Even if you’re not Justin Timberlake on the dance floor, the effort and confidence displayed by this move will make you more attractive than JT himself.

17. “For our next date we should pull a ‘Bonnie-and-Clyde’ and rob a bank together. There’s something about a life-threatening car chase that brings two people together like nothing else.”

You’re first date is going well and you’re looking for a more interesting way of saying, “Let’s do this again soon!”

There’s a reason cheesy romance novels sell like crazy: women LOVE a good fantasy. Creating a fantasy with you in her mind puts you in a great position:

  1. Your creative wit makes you stand out from 99% of other boring guys
  2. This brief fantasy creates an “us-vibe” which begins to build her investment in you

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