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5 Hobbies that Get Girls

5 Hobbies that Get Girls

Women are attracted to passionate men who lead interesting and full lives. One of the best ways to demonstrate this in your life is through the hobbies and pursuits you occupy your time with outside of your job.

However, not all hobbies are created equal. A good hobby shows a woman that:

  1. You’re an interesting guy who continually strives to better himself
  2. You lead a balanced life
  3. There are things in your life that she can be a part of
  4. You can commit to something

All hobbies demonstrate different amounts of the above traits. The goal is to find the hobby(s) that consistently demonstrates the highest amount of these traits in your own life.

Be careful not to pursue too many hobbies at once! You’ll spread yourself too thin and just become mediocre at a bunch of hobbies instead of proficient at one or two. The best approach is to start with just one—MAYBE two if you have a lot of free time on your hands.

1. Music

Aman who can play an instrument is inherently more attractive than one who doesn’t. The time, dedication, and sacrifice that he puts into his practice produce something that is universally loved and appreciated. Because of this, the attraction that women have for me SKYROCKETS when they find out that I play guitar.

If you’re starting from scratch and are deciding which instrument to play, keep this in mind: playing an instrument while singing is even SEXIER than just playing an instrument. Even if you haven’t learned how to sing yet, it’s in your best interest to learn an instrument that you can accompany with your voice in the future. Some good options for instruments to learn include:

  1. Guitar
  2. Piano
  3. Ukelele
  4. Mandolin

2. Sports

Apart from the obvious physique-improving aspects of playing a sport, athletics foster teamwork, perseverance, and strong character—three very attractive qualities.

All of the “traditional” sports (basketball, football, baseball, etc.) are heavily based on warfare. Though they may deny it, most women are attracted to the “warrior” personality and ethos found in the majority of athletic and team sports.

Remember the line from the 70s song that asked, “War? What is it good for?” In this case: Getting girls. Every time.

If you’re learning a sport for the first time, play to your strengths (pun intended). Joining a crossfit or Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym might be a good option if you’re particularly strong or lift weights. If you have great cardio and endurance, joining a soccer team or cycling club is something to consider.

3. Cooking

The act of preparing and sharing a meal resonates with all people on a primal level. Because we have literally evolved to appreciate and like people that bring us sustenance and nutrition, cooking a meal for a woman hits at the very heart of this “primal button.” Cooking for her will increase her interest and investment in you far more than even she is aware of.

You don’t need to be a gourmet chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu to impress her. Being able to grill just a few different kinds of meat is enough to catch the eye of most women.

If you’re looking to cook something a little more involved, I still recommend sticking to meals with only one or two “parts.” A whole chicken baked with diced sweet potatoes in the oven is a go-to dinner-for-two. For breakfast, a combination of eggs, bacon, or toast is all you need to make her smile.

4. Dancing

Women pay close attention to the way a man moves his body, and they subconsciously judge whether or not he will be a compatible sexual partner based on these movements. As Shakira so eloquently stated, “hips don’t lie.”

Start with a style that involves “partner dancing”—tango, salsa, ballroom, etc. While “solo” styles like hip-hop and break-dancing are cool, save these for later; learning how to dance WITH a woman is your top priority.

Most local community centers and community colleges offer free, or very inexpensive, dance classes. If you’re a complete novice and feel like you just don’t have enough “rhythm” for a live class yet, start by watching tutorials on YouTube.

The beauty of the tutorial method is that you can work out your “kinks” in privacy so you won’t worry about embarrassing yourself on the first day of class.

5. Puppy Love

Volunteering at an animal shelter or rescue is one of the best ways to reveal your softer side. Specifically, volunteering at a shelter shows her that:

  1. You’re selfless
  2. You’re gentle and compassionate
  3. You’re social and enjoy being around both people and adorable animals

In addition to making you more attractive in her eyes, you will personally enjoy and benefit from your volunteer work. The satisfaction you’ll reap from giving back to your community will add to your confidence and thus make you that much more attractive—also known as a “confidence loop.”

This is also a prime opportunity to snag that perfect “puppy pic” for your Tinder or Facebook profile.

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