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5 Hobbies that Repel Women

5 Hobbies that Repel Women

Women are attracted to men who are passionate about something outside of themselves and their job. However, guys who participate in the five hobbies and activities below have a strong tendency to be overly passionate, obsessive, and generally annoying in their pursuits of these hobbies.

None of these activities are inherently unattractive when pursued with moderation, but be aware that if you participate in one of these, women will pay very close attention to how you conduct yourself. She’ll quickly get turned-off if:

  1. You always choose the activity over spending time with her
  2. You don’t take the time to explain details she doesn’t understand about the activity
  3. The activity brings out your ego/insecurities

Even if the hobby you enjoy isn’t one of the five below, if it brings out the above three traits in your behavior it WILL repel most women. Women don’t enjoy spending time with guys who put themselves and their hobbies above relationships—romantic or otherwise.

1. Gym Rat

If you’re the guy spending three hours at the gym doing bicep curls in the mirror, STOP NOW. Being healthy, strong, and in-shape are all very attractive qualities to women, but working only one or two muscle groups in the hopes of looking “manlier” or “tougher” is a big turn-off for women.

If working out or leading an active lifestyle is your thing, keep it balanced. Learn about different and unusual workouts. Read the latest research behind diet and bodyweight exercises and incorporate these into your routine. Women are attracted to guys who constantly aspire to better themselves across the board—not guys who bench press for an hour and guzzle gallons of protein shakes everyday.

2. Shopaholic

Groceries, clothes, phones—there’s always something we need in order to keep our lives running smoothly. That being said, shopping should never become your HOBBY.

For many women, shopping is a hobby. Women go shopping with their friends for the EXPERIENCE of buying clothes, makeup, etc. If a woman hears that this is what you enjoy doing every weekend, she’s going to quickly give you a one-way ticket to the friend zone.

Shopping is an activity she does with her girlfriends and her “gay-best-friend.” Associating yourself with these activities and people in her life will not make you look like a guy she wants to go on a date or sleep with.

3. Collector

Collecting isn’t necessarily a turn-off for all women, but excessive collecting sends her the message that you’re materialistic and don’t have many interests beyond acquiring “stuff.” There are a few things you should never collect because they will immediately turn her off:

Coins/Stamps: This screams, “I’m lonely and boring.”

Shoes: Between shoes for work, the gym, the beach, outdoor activities, dates, and many other scenarios, the average man has somewhere between 5-10 pairs shoes. However, COLLECTING shoes for the sake of a collection is a turn-off for women. This is another “girlfriend” activity for women. Sleeping with you is the last thing she’ll be thinking about while you show her your collection of Italian loafers.

Anything Your Grandparents Collect: Spoons, clocks, plates, etc. You want her to associate you with fun, adventure, and excitement—not your grandparents.

4. Car Guy

If you have a genuine love for cars and everything to do with them, ignore the advice below. But if your pimped-out Honda Civic has a 3-foot lime-green spoiler, you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

If you’re putting tons of money into your car simply to make it look “cooler”—and to show off that you have the money to do so—you’re probably compensating for an insecurity you have about yourself. Women pick up on these insecurities very quickly and are not attracted to them. You will immediately come off as a “try-hard” kind of guy.

5. Foodie

Your Instagram account is filled with pictures of fancy meals out with your friends. You go to food conventions, festivals, and most of your free time revolves around food.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying food, the experience of going out to a nice restaurant, or making a woman a part of that experience. But if your hobby is DOCUMENTING and OBSESSING over those experiences, she’s going to move on to the guy who just wants to enjoy a simple steak dinner with her.

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