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3 Tips To Dating Women In Your Social Circle

3 Tips To Dating Women In Your Social Circle

Your social circle is a great way to meet women. Already you and the women in your social share a lot in common: friends, interests, places to hang out. Theoretically, meeting women through your social circle is the ideal way to find your next girlfriend.

But it’s not.

That’s because one creepy move in your social could cost you friends. You don’t want to be the guy everyone’s talking about because of an inappropriate comment or a poorly timed move. Messing up with the girls in your social circle can be a very awkward and embarrassing experience. So avoid those mistakes by adhering to these tips.

By keeping these simple pointers in mind, you can instantly improve your approach with the girls in your social circle:

1. Casual is key

Being casual and nonchalant is always important when trying to get hook up with girls. However it is even more important when dealing with girls in your social circle.

Being casual removes the added tension that is created by letting a girl in your social group know how you feel about her. She will be nervous whether she likes you or not, because either way she runs the risk of offending her peers – whether it’s you or her other friends.

By being casual, you allow her to feel comfortable letting you know the TRUTH without feeling socially pressured one way or the other. Furthermore, by being casual, you drastically reduce the possibility of a harsh rejection. Which is key to avoiding damage control.

2. Show, don’t tell

When interacting with a woman you just met at a bar type setting the outcome depends on the interaction you have with her. That means the conversation, the emotions you cause her to experience, the type of person that you demonstrate yourself to be, all the stuff we talk about inThe 4 Elements of Game.

When you are kickin’ it to a girl in your social group, these things are equally important, however slightly different. This is because the girl has the unique opportunity to observe how you interact with others.

To a woman this is a far better indicator of the person you are in real life because you are not actively trying to impress or hit on her. So for instance if you are polite to her, but abusive towards your other friends, she will have a pretty good idea of who you are and most likely not be attracted to you regardless of your one-on-one interactions.

Instead, recognize that a woman would rather observe your actions for herself, rather than hear you talk about yourself. Whenever she is present make sure to display the actions and behaviors you want her to connect with you when interacting with others.

If you have your 4 Elements of Game balanced, then she will be watching and growing attracted to you.

ADVANCED TIP: to really play this up, when you are with the girl you want, act differently with her after letting her see your awesome side with others.

The mixed signals will drive her nuts. Makes sure to move it forward however, and let her know that you like her, or those mixed signals will ultimately drive her away.

NOTE: This does not mean to neg and or be rude to her. It just means, if you are super talkative around others, be somewhat quiet or bashful when interacting with her. It creates a strong back drop of emotions to work with when you ultimately confess your desire for her.

3. Right place,
right time

Do not spend too much time in this girl’s presence. Being overly available to her decreases the potency of your presence. If you are always at every party she is at, but you never make your move…the tension will be more awkward to build in a social situation.

Instead, choose when you want to make your move (whether asking for her number or going for the kiss, etc.), and strategically avoid having too much contact with her prior to this.

By being overly available, you signal to her that you are common and don’t have much else going on in your life. By sparingly choosing when you see her, you preserve an air of mystery that will pay off dividends later on.

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