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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Ever been in front of a pretty girl and thought that you had a chance, but you didn’t make a move because you weren’t able to tell if she likes you?

It has happened to all of us. And figuring out when a woman likes you is the first thing you must be able to pick up on if you are going to be successful at dating women.

After all, if you can’t tell when she likes you, how are you going to know when to make a move? Exactly…you won’t.

This is the first challenge that we face when working with clients. Often they will initiate an interaction with a woman, chat with her and get her laughing, then come back to us and say that they didn’t think that the woman was interested.

Now I can’t stress enough how important it really is to be able to tell if a girl likes you or not. In fact, it is safe to say that this is a crucial make-or-break moment during any male/female interaction.

If you are not able to tell whether the girl likes you, you will likely try to do things to impress her, say things that are awkward and weird that ultimately ruins the moment.

Ask yourself this…how much would the way you spoke and interacted with women change if you knew in the back of your mind that this girl was into you?

Probably a lot. You would naturally feel more comfortable around her, and will be able to know like a psychic exactly when to ask her for her phone number or go for the kiss.

So how do you figure this out? There is some really bad information out there regarding how to tell when a girl likes you. Many “dating gurus” will tell you that it is important to wait for a certain number of unconscious signals that let you know what the woman is thinking, otherwise known as “indicators of interest.”

The problem with this approach is that if you are waiting for signs that the girl is interested in you, you are shooting yourself in the foot. You see…if you wait to see those signals, the woman will wonder why you aren’t reciprocating her attraction by making a move on her.

By the time she sends those signals and you pick up on them…she has lost any attraction towards you that she may have felt at first. Think of those signals as ghosts of her past attraction towards you…once you see them, you’re dead.

The first crucial piece of knowing if a girl likes you is to flip-flop the way you approach meeting women. Most guys interact with women waiting for the go ahead or the “green light” to continue moving the interaction forward.

However, if you really want to know if a woman likes you, all you need to do is try to escalate the situation. If you are sitting, suggest that you go to the bar to grab a drink. If you are at the bar, suggest that you go dancing. Ask for her number, suggest you do something later in the week, go for the kiss…anything!

The point is by moving the interaction forward you will not only speed up the interaction, you will also be able to tell if a girl likes you because she WILL GO ALONG WITH YOUR ADVANCES.

And if she doesn’t? Then you lost nothing to begin with and she is not yet attracted enough to you…at least now you know where you stand with her and can proceed accordingly. So long story short, the best way to tell if a girl likes you is to move the interaction forward and wait to see her response. Trust me nothing but good will come of this.

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